Fezzle – Try all those bands you’ve only ‘heard of’

Fezzle logo

Fezzle is a new site I’ve created which is based around playlists of the most popular songs for artists playing at festivals. It’s a way to discover who the other bands are at a festival you’re (potentially) going to. It is borne of frustration from looking at line-ups and searching by hand on YouTube or Spotify, and is essentially a quicker way to do that without a lot of copy and pasting or alt-tabbing.

Current development status:

  • Tested on major desktop browsers as well as iOS simulators for iPhone and iPad
  • Festival list is rather UK-centric.

Planned features – Lots! But firstly:

  • Get more festivals included, especially those not in the UK.
  • More information displayed about festivals and artists (country, bio, etc.)
  • Some way to export or note what you liked – especially integration of favourites into the excellent Clashfinder.


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